Watch the 2012 Best Sex Scene of the Year from Project GoGo Boy!

Posted By on January 17, 2013

It has been a wild ride since Project GoGo Boy debuted at CockyBoys last summer, and last week we found out we won the CyberSocket Web Award for “Best Sex Scene of the Year”! We really had no idea how big our little reality sex series would become, but we sure are proud to have worked as hard as we did on it. The winning scene was shot for the final episode of GoGo Boy and features a countless number of stars from Gabriel Clark to Max Ryder to Arnaud Chagall all doing yoga and then finally sucking and fucking each other in a gigantic, beautiful orgy scene.

Project GoGo Boy Yoga Orgy

At this point in the series, Jake and Max have been at each other’s throats for so long, scheming behind each other’s backs, and sleeping with each other’s fuck buddies, that all Max wants to do is relax and do some yoga with his mentor, Gabriel Clark. And maybe a little bit of fucking while he’s at it…

Project GoGo Boy Yoga Orgy

The scene culminates into the world’s BIGGEST orgy scene! When you have that many hot guys on set, you would think it would be difficult to pull everything together and make it work… but we were lucky to have had a great cast, great director, and great crew all passionate about making this series work.

Project GoGo Boy Yoga Orgy

Jake and Max were in LA last week with director Jake Jaxson filming their new series, Roadstrip, and had time to be interviewed by The Sword before they were informed they had won the big award in the Surfer’s Choice category (meaning it was picked by fans)! For more pictures and all the details of the awards ceremony, check out Max Ryder’s blog here. Oh, and if you’d like to see a clip of the winning scene, be sure to check it out below!


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