VideoCock #2: Exhibitionism

Posted By on January 31, 2010

Hey Pornsters,

I once went through a phase where I enjoyed jacking off in public bathrooms. Airports were my favorite. But that’s about as far as the exhibitionist in me could go.

Well, meet leto3, who takes it a bit– er, a LOT further, and and jacks off in a hotel elevator, migrates to the lobby, and shoots his load on this sidewalk.

A bit too far? Maybe. But I wouldn’t complain if I came across him during a nighttime stroll. Bravo, leto3, and keep doing your thing.

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"Benny Morecock here, creative director of and I love my job—I spend most of my day watching porn (and get paid for it). Everyone should have this much cock in their day (seriously, I think the world would be a much happier place). Well, I’m sharing some of my gift with you, cuz there’s only so much jacking off I can do in one day, and I have access to enough porn to jack off a small country… so, ENJOY!"


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