Top stud Gabriel Clark slams into toned sexy fucker Levi Michaels

Posted By on June 19, 2014


Levi Michaels set out to find who was better at pounding ass – Colby Keller or Gabriel Clark.


And just when we thought we had seen it all from Mr. Clark, he goes and delivers Levi the fuck of his life. We all know a good fuck without good chemistry is nothing. So right from the start, these two just couldn’t take their hands off each other.


It went something like this: “Hi! I’m Levi. Hey, I’m Gabriel. You’re really cute. You too! Wanna go cuddle? Sure!” In just a few minutes, hands were already running up and down thighs and touching inappropriate places… Before we could even realize what was going on, Levi was getting pounded no-mercy style.


He was trying to hold on to the wall for dear life, but nothing could have prepared him for this. He was completely helpless in the arms of Gabriel, and you can really tell he’s loving every second of it. You really have to see it to believe it! I think it’s safe to say Gabriel really delivered on this one!

Check out the trailer below and watch the whole scene here! 

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One Response to “Top stud Gabriel Clark slams into toned sexy fucker Levi Michaels”

  1. Although I AM more top than bottom, I think I AM becoming just a tad jealous of Levi Michaels.

    First THE Colby Keller, and now Gabriel Clark (who is new to me).

    I think I had better have a chat with my favorite bottoms and get some advice (SMILE).

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