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Posted By on June 3, 2010

Hey Pornsters,

So Hugo Harley, Brian Ritz and I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mr Tommy 9×6, the 19 year old man with the sensational 9 inch dick. As much as we could have just stared at his dick the whole time, in a professional interview we’re supposed to ask questions, and alas our work ethic got the better of us. If you’ve never heard of Tommy 9×6, let me give you a visual crash course on what the phenomenon is all about:

Tommy 9x6
Tommy 9x6
Tommy 9x6

Read the interview and see more pictures after the jump!

Tommy 9x6
Tommy 9x6

When did you realize you were particularly well endowed?

Tommy 9×6: Hmmm…probably not until I was around 16-ish. I thought i was average because of the pornos I had watched… Plus it was typical of 16 year-olds to lie about their dick size, so I felt that I was normal. I found out with my first girlfriend, more or less…

And how did you first girlfriend react? Ecstatic?

Tommy 9×6: Haha, yeah I remember she first put her hands down my pants. Before she was able to see the length she said, “Wow, you’re thick!”

So, how did come about? I’ve seen your profile and vids on xtube. How did that progression occur?

Tommy 9×6: I started out on xtube and just posted a few pictures of myself. I was surprised by the flood of comments and all the views. It was really exciting.

Tommy 9x6
Tommy 9x6

What made you start on xtube? Did you like the veyeuristic quality?

Tommy 9×6: Yeah, of course. I can’t remember how I found the site, but it seemed everyone on the site was having a good time. I thought I would join in.

As a straight guy, how do you feel about gay guys basically worshipping your cock?

Tommy 9×6: I enjoy it, I really do. I like reading the comments on my site. Especially the ones where people write a paragraph about me haha.

Tommy 9x6
Tommy 9x6

Have you ever thought about doing a scene with another guy? Either a jack-off or something else?

Tommy 9×6: I’ve considered it, but there are some other things I’ve got planned first. But I’ll never rule out the possibility… I don’t think a day goes by without 20 people emailing me that they want to do a scene with me. I’ve talked more seriously to few, but no luck so far. Who knows.

How do you feel about the fact that there’s a hundred gay guys out there jacking off to you every day? Even though you’re straight, do you find that thought erotic? Or is more of the worship factor that you like?

Tommy 9×6: It’s a good feeling. It’s good to make people feel happy, even though I do it by jacking off…It’s still an erotic feeling, reading the comments. My favorite comments are when people post on my pictures and say that they think that it’s photoshopped.

Tommy 9x6
Tommy 9x6

You’ve made masturbation look like an art, so I was just wondering if it’s that ritualistic even without the camera.

Tommy 9×6: My favorite part of what I do is that its natural. It’s not acting, it’s the real thing.

Do you see a continued future for yourself in this business? Or do you have other plans?

Tommy 9×6: I plan on doing this for quite some time. I’m enjoying myself. I think the next step would be to get someone else involved. I get many comments of people saying, “Tommy please fuck something, anything!”. I’m looking into doing some straight porn, so we’ll see how that goes.

Tommy 9x6
Tommy 9x6

Do you have anything you want to say to your existing and future fans?

Tommy 9×6: Keep on Jackin’

If you want to show your support for Tommy, or become a fan, be sure to check out his videoblog:

Tommy 9x6
Tommy 9x6

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    Tommy has the best cock ive ever seen anywhere.. in person and in porn.

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  6. Tommy, you are HOT!!! I used to live in Glendale, now Hollywood, you remind me of some guy I knew in Glendale!!!!!

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