Here’s A Video Of A Dick Cumming In Reverse

| October 4, 2012

TweetHave you ever wondered what it looks like when a dick cums in reverse? Well, today’s your lucky day. FAIR WARNING, though! Watching a dick cum in reverse is not the same thing as watching those cutesy little time lapse videos on YouTube of a house being constructed and deconstructed over the course of a […]

Meet the Newest CockyBoys Exclusive Model, Thick Dick Dillon Rossi!

| September 19, 2012

TweetWhen Max Ryder decided he wanted to go camping before summer was over, he came up with the idea to hold a contest on his blog in order to find the perfect hiking buddy to pitch tents with. And by that I mean he wanted wild outdoorsy sex with a random Internet stud whose porn […]

Ben Affleck Shoots a Load! Justin Bieber Gets a Load Shot on Him!

| September 14, 2012

TweetIt seems like you guys are taking quite a liking to my post about about the Ryan Gosling/Justin Bieber lovechild, Rystin Biebling. Well, I was inspired today to scour the Internet for other gay celebrities with jerk-off videos. Does anyone think Ben Affleck is hot? He’s kind of a stud, but you wouldn’t classify him […]

The Perfect Cock

| August 31, 2012

Tweet Gents, I have scoured the greatest depths of the gay underworld and have uncovered a video of the most perfect cock. Since we all have different tastes for cock, obviously my opinions are subjective… but watch the video below and just try to tell me you didn’t pitch even the slightest tent in your […]

Stud Breaks Down and Shows Off His Cock

| August 29, 2012

Tweet This stud is super cute. He spends the first few seconds of his video coming up with explanations for why he feels the need to show the world his cock, but an apology is really not necessary! Sometimes you just get sick of keeping your gigantic cock a secret and have to unleash it […]

Meet Canada’s New Dreamboat: Rystin Biebling!

| August 24, 2012

Tweet Canada has produced some super hot guys in the past. There’s Ryan Gosling, Justin Bieber, and now there’s this dude – who somehow looks like the lovechild of Ryan Gosling and Justin Bieber (shall we call him Rystin Biebling?). Just gazing into those deep blue eyes was enough to push me over the edge, […]

How perfect is Joey Amis?

| June 11, 2012

Tweet Everyone remembers Joey from his outstanding performance in the blowjob scene from ‘Mating Season’. This photoset was taken by Marty Stevens during one of our trips to South Africa. As usual, Joey is full of smiles and energy, and of course a rock hard cock! For more photos of Joey, check him out at […]

VideoCock # 3: Jack Is My New Best Friend

| February 16, 2010

TweetHe’s amazingly versatile, has a tight hole, and loves to get you off. Have you met Jack? More videos after the jump!

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