Sebastian Young Pounds Jimmy Clay

| June 20, 2011

TweetHey Pornsters, Greetings from ass-deep in the land of CockyBoys! Being surrounded by beautiful boys, watching pornstars and amateurs come together in holy fuckery, occasionally getting splattered with a bit of on-set cum…it’s a hard life, for sure. 😉 Here’s one of my favorite scenes featuring resident CockyBoys badboy Sebastian Young and newly “versatile” Jimmy […]

CockyBoys Relaunches in HD

| May 31, 2011

TweetThank God (pun) the rapture was rescheduled for later this year, otherwise you never would have experienced the complete relaunch of Or perhaps you WERE raptured, and the afterlife is actually CockyBoys in high definition streaming. Either way, for the last few months, instead of preparing for rapture, here at the CockyBoys office we’ve […]

Sebastian Young + Trent Diesel = Turkey Fuckers

| November 30, 2010

How was your Turkey Day? Since my family’s all the way on the West Coast, I got stuffed with some boy from Adam4Adam, and then he stuffed me. We didn’t even need to make the gravy – just used the natural kind in all its gooey goodness!

Sebastian Young + Trent Diesel Newly Released Trailer

| November 5, 2010

Tweet Hey Horny Mo-Fo’s, It’s almost Turkey Time here in the States, and that could only mean one thing: Sebastian Young and Trent Diesel’s long-awaited fuck scene is closer than ever! Trent Diesel with his dreamy eyes and picture-perfect physique. Sebastian Young with his bad-boy tattoos and fuck-you-harder attitude. These two making out, sucking eachother […]

EXCLUSIVE: Sebastian Young is Back! Shoots with Trent Diesel & Joe Oppedisano

| November 1, 2010

Sebastian Young, one of our signature CockyBoys models, is back behind the camera after a 2 year hiatus in prison. We paired him with heavy-weight pornstar Trent Diesel, who has filmed with Raging Stallion, Dominic Ford & Jet Set Men. And to top that off, we’ve brought in renowned fashion photographer Joe Oppedisano.

Cocky Boys on the Brain

| December 21, 2009

TweetHey Pornsters, Cocky Boys, Cocky Boys, everywhere! Lots of news, where to start? Born to Fuck, #2 Best-Selling Gay Porn DVD in America! According to JRL, Cocky Boys’ debut DVD, Born to Fuck, is the second best-selling gay porn dvd in the country! I’m confident this DVD will make it to #1. Cover model Sebastian […]

Cocky Boy’s Born to Fuck Released on Studmall! Free Trailer and Pictures!

| November 11, 2009

TweetHey Pornsters, The much anticipated moment has arrived! I’ve released Cocky Boy’s first DVD, Born to Fuck on Studmall! Due to my wiley ways, I can tell you that I am the ONLY retailer to have this DVD… AND I’m offering it at 25% off (huzzah!) No one else is expecting to receive this till […]

Cocky Boys’ Sebastian Young… On DVD???

| October 14, 2009

TweetHey Pornstars, So it’s official, everyone LOVES Sebastian Young. You say, “Give me Sebastian”… and I’m like, “Fuck yeah, here he is” and you’re like “We want more Seb!” and I’m like “shut up and wait till his new DVD comes out!” and you’re like “WTF! He’s in a new DVD?” And that’s when I […]

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