More Than You Can Handle | Bel Ami Orgies

| October 28, 2010

Part One of our long-awaited orgy filmed in spring of 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa. Fourteen of our most experienced boys take it upon themselves to instruct newcomer Kevin Warhol. He was a little bit lost among all of the naked flesh in the beginning and middle of the sexplay but eventually became the centerpiece of it, we call it his ‘baptism by sperm’ and he thoroughly enjoyed it. We believe it is one of the largest condomless orgies ever filmed.

Eurocreme: Awards, Eggs, and a Free Trailer (Sex Club)

| October 20, 2009

TweetHey Pornsters, Congratulations again, Eurocreme, for winning HustlaBall’s Best Film (Sex Pit Sluts) and Best Cover (Porn Boy)! Speaking of Eurocreme, I was buying eggs this weekend,  and came upon something VERY interesting:     Now I’m not one to believe conspiracy theories, but is the Eurocreme actually an egg company producing porn? Or is […]

Lucas Entertainment: Paris Playboys Trailer and Photos

| September 24, 2009

TweetHey Pornsters, So, first order of of business: Everything at Studmall is BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!!! So get that dick out of your mouth, grab that credit card, and GO CRAZY. I’m only offering this promotion for this week only. I’ve JUST released this hit new release by Lucas Entertainment: Paris Playboys. I’m super […]

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