Black Spark and the Clouds

| March 23, 2011

Tweet Remember when porn plots were reliably cheesy and terrible? You could tune your watch to the fact. Well, leave it to hot, creative hipsters (did I mention, HOT?) to rock the foundations of what I’ve come to expect from porn— where porn movies are no longer porn movies, but erotic music videos that just […]

CollegeFuckBoy makes Porn into Art | VideoCock #7

| December 3, 2010

Tweet The Sun’s Gone Dim and the Sky_s Turned Black In the world of gay pornography— where the most outrageous, the most ostentatious, the most eye-grabbing porn is what sells— where everyone is trying to be more than the next person— it’s refreshing to see videos like this. A sensual, erotic, short film about quiet […]

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