Cocky Friends: Bel Ami & Cocky Boys Four-Way

| April 6, 2010

What’s Hotter than a CockyBoys & Bel Ami match up? How about a CockyBoys & Bel Ami FOURWAY! I came across this just in time, because it’s 5:00 pm and my afternoon coffee crash just started kicking in, so this was the perfect pick-me-up to get me through the rest of the afternoon. This is another scene from the infamous Cocky Friends DVD, in which CockyBoys Jesse Santana and Bobby Clark travel to Amsterdam to film with Bel Ami models Luke Hamill, and Manuel Rios. This is one of my favorite scenes from Cocky Friends.

Bel Ami’s Florian Nemec Fucks Cocky Boy Skyler Caine

| January 28, 2010

TweetHey Pornsters, DVD collaboration between Bel Ami and Cocky Boys, which will be called “Cocky Friends,” continues! A new scene from the upcoming DVD has just been released… Another day, another dick, another dollar. Thankfully, today isn’t just “another dick”–today is the union of the dicks of Bel Ami’s European stud, Florian Nemec and Cocky […]

Cocky Boys & Bel Ami Fuckin’ Around

| November 5, 2009

TweetHey Pornsters, Exciting new in the pornosphere: Cock Boys and Bel Ami are “gearing up to release scenes from the upcoming DVD “Cocky Friends” beginning this Friday on both and, respectively.” So… beautiful Cocky Boys models, and beautiful Bel Ami models…. fuckin’ the shit out of each other…. I know, my head is […]

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