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Posted By on August 22, 2011

Victor, Maverick Men

Return of Victor MONSTER Cock is part two of our hot weekend with Victor.
The first video was crazy great but this one is even better! In this much-asked-for video, we get hard core all afternoon long, eating Victor’s sweet hard tight ass and chocking down his 10” monster cock (which ain’t easy!). But the fucking was by far the best part. Victor has a tight delicious pink hole. Hunter and I fucked the hell out of him while he was moaning and squirming and loving every inch we gave him. You might remember from his first video that Victor is actually a top. We trained him how to bottom like a real man and he is amazing at it. You’ll hear us talking about getting a hot bottom for him to fuck, so if there are any volunteers step up and leave a comment under this video. I’m sure he would love to hear from you. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we literally came three times each this afternoon. The sex is super intense in this video; I literally ripped his jeans in half to get at his sweet man hole and by the end of the day we had torn his shirt and jeans to shreds! I had to have sex with Hunter two times while editing this video – that’s how hot it is. If you don’t love this video, you might just be straight.

Victor, Maverick Men

Check out this free video clip of Victor getting plowed by the Maverick Men! ~


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And for more free pictures of Victor, head after the jump:

Victor, Maverick Men
Victor, Maverick Men
Victor, Maverick Men

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