Pornstars & Puppy Dogs

Posted By on August 18, 2011

Benny Morecock

Everyone loves Pornstars. And everyone loves puppies. So what better than to bring the two together for an epic glee-style mashup! Pornstars & Puppy Dogs— cuteness so adorable that it puts rainbows, unicorns and kittens to shame. (And in case you’re wondering, the picture above isn’t a pornstar, but of myself and my dog, Bailey. Sorry if I got your hopes up.)

Mason Star and chihuahua
CockyBoys exclusive Mason Star with our rescued Chihuahua, Shade.

Tommy Defendi and chihuahua
Newest CockyBoys exclusive Tommy Defendi with our other rescued Chihuahua, Jackson.

Gabriel Clark and his dog
CockyBoys exclusive Gabriel Clark with Stephanopoulos.

Kevin Crows and his french dog
Kevin Crows with his dog, JJ.

Jimmy Clay and french bulldog
Jimmy Clay and JJ.

Jimmy Clay
This is what you call a photo bomb. (Jimmy Clay with his dog, Haiku)

Kevin Crows and chihuahua
Kevin Crows and Shade.

Kevin Crows and rescued chihuahua
Kevin Crows with both our Chihuahas, Jackson & Shade.

This Saturday in the LA area, there’s a Pornstars for Puppies event at the Adult Factory Outlet, promoting the adoption of pets from rescues and shelters, rather than buying pets from Pet Stores that support the puppy mill industry. Many gay porn stars are slated to attend, including Raging Stallion stars Trent Locke and Jesse Santana. If you’re in the LA area, stop by and show your support! More information about the event can be found here. Or you can visit the ASPCA and learn more about how you can show support for man’s best friend.

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"Benny Morecock here, creative director of and I love my job—I spend most of my day watching porn (and get paid for it). Everyone should have this much cock in their day (seriously, I think the world would be a much happier place). Well, I’m sharing some of my gift with you, cuz there’s only so much jacking off I can do in one day, and I have access to enough porn to jack off a small country… so, ENJOY!"


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  1. michaelf says:

    Brilliant! waaay cuter than any cute pussy-cat forwards… im glad u led w u’r pic ’cause I couldn’t place you in any scenes, and then I read the caption. tattoos always get my attention 🙂 Shade on top of Kevin Crows=fave. thx m—

  2. T-Bird says:

    Benny is quite sexy…..

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