Little Pretty Boy Gets Fucked in His Bum Bum

Posted By on August 29, 2013


Look at this sweet peach! Sometimes a really femme man gets my heart racing, my mouth watering, and most importantly, my cock growing. This sweet twink takes his time slipping out of his skivvies (which are held up by a Fendi belt, leading me to believe this ain’t his first time at the gay porn rodeo…those things are expensive.)

After he takes it all off his friend (roommate? Lover? Pizza deliveryman?) comes in with a big glass dildo in his hand. What are friends for? Our pretty boy takes the glass dildo in his mouth before focusing his attention on his friend’s nice, uncut dick.

His friend enjoys the bj time for a few minutes and then inserts the dildo into our hero’s ass. WITHOUT LUBE! How does that even happen? This guy is a champion among men. Then there’s some nice synchronized cock stroking and dildo thrusting accompanied by some soft, sweet moans.

Soon his friend’s big uncut dick is reaming our peachy boy hard and fast. No condoms, just bareback fucking, the way nature intended! The little guy takes it like a champ, holding onto that Ikea couch for dear life.

Things start to get a little more heated and we have some slight booty slapping and a lot of ass spreading. We get a few position changes before things ‘cum’ to an end, but I don’t want to ruin it for you… you’ll have to watch for yourself and find out!

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"Benny Morecock here, creative director of and I love my job—I spend most of my day watching porn (and get paid for it). Everyone should have this much cock in their day (seriously, I think the world would be a much happier place). Well, I’m sharing some of my gift with you, cuz there’s only so much jacking off I can do in one day, and I have access to enough porn to jack off a small country… so, ENJOY!"


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