Jake Bass Pummels Dillon Rossi!

Posted By on December 17, 2012

Everyone’s favorite porn pup, Jake Bass, has returned to CockyBoys for a brief fuck with Dillon Rossi before he continues his journey through porn-dom with more publicity, events, and film shoots! He’s become such a celebrity since Project GoGo Boy that we almost forgot how good he is at fucking on camera! Thanks to The Haunting star Dillon Rossi sacrificing his hole for the hunk, Jake has given us another great scene that must be seen by not just his fans, but everyone!

Jake Bass Plows Dillon Rossi

After Project GoGo Boy, Jake has been a busy little stud, promoting himself at events, shooting upcoming productions, and traveling around the world at the same time. So he was very eager to get back to doing what he does best– fucking– and we thought he deserved a special guy to share a scene with him.

Jake Bass Plows Dillon Rossi

Dillon Rossi had heard of Jake even before he debuted at CockyBoys in an outdoor fucking scene with Max Ryder, but he never thought the two would eventually be fucking. Once Dillon moved to New York to become an exclusive CockyBoy a few months back, it wasn’t long before Dillon and Jake were texting, sexting, and then sexing! And after he made a spooky splash back in October in The Haunting, we knew it was time for to shoot a scene with Jake.

Jake Bass Plows Dillon Rossi

Jake and Dillon are both versatile when it comes to sexual roles, but Jake really wanted to pound Dillon. The chemistry was immediate, and when the two sat down for an interview, they didn’t have much to say. Their hands did all the talking, and then their cocks came out, and then their cocks went back in to each other’s mouths. By the way Dillon was moaning, you can tell that nobody fucks like Jake Bass does!

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