Jake Bass LIVE Webcam Chat Tonight at 8 PM!

Posted By on February 22, 2013

Jake Bass Live

CockyBoys LIVE might sound like a gay porn ice skating show (what a great idea, btw), but it’s actually more personal and interactive than that! At 8pm EST tonight, you will have the chance to live chat with one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, gay porn celebrities — Jake Motherfucking Bass! Jake has come a long way since first becoming a CockyBoy, and thanks to his trademark cocky attitude that helped brand the CockyBoys image, he’s released some huge scenes and movies including Project GoGo Boy and the upcoming RoadStrip with Max Ryder!

Jake Bass Live Webcam Chat

This webcam show is completely FREE if you are a CockyBoys member, and after the success and controversy of Max Ryder’s webcam show on Wednesday night show, you are not going to want to miss all the drama that unfolds. Besides, what other time will you have to get to ask Jake Bass all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask him? Is he gay or are the rumors true that he is bisexual? Would he ever work with Johnny Rapid? Are he and Max Ryder an actual couple or what?!

You can find out the answer to these questions and MORE if you join the chat tonight. And if you’re not a CockyBoys member, all it costs is a measly $14.95 to join for 7 days. IMO, that’s worth the price of the live chat alone, but you’ll also get access to all of CockyBoys’ award-winning feature films and sex scenes. If you’re still unconvinced, allow me to remind you of some worse ways you have probably spent $14.95 in the past:

– Taking that immensely annoying girl to the movies on a date to prove to your friends you’re not gay.
– Buying a box of condoms and then realizing you’re a bottom.
– Purchasing a subscription to Lucas Entertainment. Lol.

Jake Bass Live Webcam Chat

Many more webcam chats to come in the future so be on the lookout for more updates! And once again, be sure to tune in to CockyBoys tonight at 8pm EST for all the hot Jake Bass action. The show is only free if you’re a CockyBoys member… so hurry up and join here!



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