Horror movies help us reconnect

Posted By on October 24, 2012

So my boyfriend and I decided that we’d spend the night at home and have some good ole fashion quality time. Sex has been stale these past few months. We’ve both been working our asses off and we’re even too tired to give each other head. Things weren’t always like this, we used to have anal sex on the regular and we’d always be up for a little blow job to take the edge off of things. I decided that we needed to get a bit closer and the way to do so was to get some horror movies and maybe scare each other into the other’s arms and then let nature take its course. WE opted for a classic on Dawn of the Dead and by the time the first 20 minutes were over my cock was already in his mouth and I was inching to get his in mine.

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  1. Blueballs436 says:

    I love guy-sex…twinks with tattoos are extremely hot! Please take off the shoes! What is this all-naked, but I need my shoes on to fuck? (Horror movies helped us reconnect) Leave the shoe-thing for the slutty beaver porn.
    Love your blog Benny Morecock!

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