CockyBoys Redesign and Relaunch

Posted By on May 1, 2011

So many of you know that I’ve been working on the complete redesign of This is no “face-lift” operation; this is a complete nuts-and-bolts redesign of the entire site. After countless development hours, many breakdowns, many sleepless nights, dozens of bags of Doritos and 2-liter bottles of coke, the unveiling is almost upon us! So be on the look out for a completely new and improved later this month.

We also have an amazing new lineup of scenes to release this year. We’ve brought back some of the original CockyBoys, and even signed some new exclusive models. Here’s a sneak peak for you guys (scheduled to be released over the next few months):

Sebastian Young Fucks Jimmy Clay

Brodie Sinclair Fucks Andrew Blue

Mason Star

Mason Star Fucks Jimmy Clay

Mason Star Fucks Seth

Phenix Saint Fucks Andrew Blue


Phenix Saint Fucks Jimmy Clay

Very exciting things going on here at CockyBoys! Stay tuned for the official hard-launch.

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