Cocky Boys on the Brain

Posted By on December 21, 2009

Hey Pornsters,

Cocky Boys, Cocky Boys, everywhere! Lots of news, where to start?

Born to Fuck, #2 Best-Selling Gay Porn DVD in America!

born to fuck cocky boys

#2 in the country... and rightly so.

According to JRL, Cocky Boys’ debut DVD, Born to Fuck, is the second best-selling gay porn dvd in the country! I’m confident this DVD will make it to #1. Cover model Sebastian Young is enough to send you jizzing all over yourself.  Click here for more pictures from Sebastian Young’s cover shoot. Or read more about Born to Fuck here.

And FINALLY, the official trailer for Born to Fuck is available. Sit back, unzip that fly, lube up, and watch the trailer for Cocky Boy’s Born to Fuck right here.

First Time Fucked— Available for Pre-Order!

First Time Fucked cocky boys

Available for Pre-Order!

With cover model Brodie Sinclair, watch these never-been-fucked holes (at least not on camera) get plowed, used and abused. First Time Fucked is the highly anticipated second release from Cocky Boys.

Can’t wait? Need your porn right now? Did I leave you all hot-and-bothered, with no satisfaction? Get off right now at the Cocky Boys membership website. Prime meats and grade A action, it’s worth it just to check out the free trailers.

Check it out.

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