Bel Ami’s Florian Nemec Fucks Cocky Boy Skyler Caine

Posted By on January 28, 2010

Hey Pornsters,

DVD collaboration between Bel Ami and Cocky Boys, which will be called “Cocky Friends,” continues! A new scene from the upcoming DVD has just been released…

"Cocky Friends"

"Cocky Friends"

Another day, another dick, another dollar. Thankfully, today isn’t just “another dick”–today is the union of the dicks of Bel Ami’s European stud, Florian Nemec and Cocky Boys’s College Boy, Skylar Caine. Personally, I find the combo of Bel Ami and Cocky Boys to be, hm, FUCKING IRRESISTIBLE! They’re working together to do scenes which will one day soon be collected in a Bel Ami/Cocky Boys combo compilaton called Cocky Friends. A bit of a gay title, if you ask this reviewer, but I doubt anyone’s going to put down a film with guys like these…not even if it was named Happy Cocky Men and Their Jolly Friends!!

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