Austony Part 2: Three is the Perfect Number

Posted By on October 19, 2012

Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero (aka Austony) have been blowing up on the Internet recently! What everybody loves about them is that they have proven you can maintain a healthy, intimate relationship and still be porn stars… even when you throw a third hunk into the bed like Arnaud Chagall.

Austony 2: Three is the Perfect Number

Austin and Anthony are quite an interesting couple — when you meet them in person there’s this insane intensity between them that I’ve never seen before. They definitely have a certain chemistry that nobody else can quite figure out. So the best way to pry into what makes them work, of course, is watching them fuck!

Austony 2: Three is the Perfect Number

With Arnaud sandwiched in between them, Austin and Anthony explain that the reason they love threesomes is because it gives them each a chance to see their partner fuck from a different perspective. Very interesting…

Austony 2: Three is the Perfect Number

There’s no telling where these guys will take us next. But one thing is for sure — you can expect CockyBoys to be right by their bedside to document their journey.


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