Up and Cumming Amateurs #2: Real Boyfriends Caleb Omnislash and Riley Lionheart

Posted By on October 12, 2012

This week in my “Up and Cumming Amateurs” column, I decided to feature a cute young couple who are REAL boyfriends! With Austony currently blowing up at CockyBoys right now, I figured there had to be plenty more real boyfriends out there looking to expose their love to the world in the most passionate way. And, well, the couple I found are seriously SO preciously cute and sexy that I just had to include them BOTH in this week’s column!

Caleb Omnislash and Riley Lionheart

Name: Caleb Omnislash and Riley Lionheart
Age: 23 and 20
Height: 6’1″
Orientation: Gay
Favorite Position: Missionary

Caleb Omnislash is 23 and his boyfriend Riley Lionheart is 20. They grew up together in a small midwestern town and began dating when Riley was 14 and Caleb was 17 (adorable). They have been together for the past 6 years (!) and are now at college together, hoping to make a little extra cash to pay off their student loans by uploading videos and pictures of their love-making sessions on xtube.

Caleb Omnislash and Riley Lionheart

Caleb Omnislash and Riley Lionheart

Caleb and Riley’s dream is to eventually save up enough money to move to California and live on the ocean. Not often do you see such uninhibited, intelligent, and financially-savvy young men with a clear goal in mind, so stumbling upon their profile was a breath of fresh air! To me, their courage to post their sexual relationship on the Internet is quite admirable. For some reason, many people think true love should be kept private, but Caleb and Riley proved to me that sometimes the bond is so strong that you just might feel you have a duty to share it with the rest of the world!

Caleb Omnislash and Riley Lionheart

Oh, I forgot to mention that they only fuck bareback in all their videos. Now that’s trust! Gentlemen, take note of these guys… true love can happen anytime, anywhere, any age.

Thanks again to Caleb and Riley for permission to use their photos!

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