Sebastian Young + Trent Diesel = Turkey Fuckers

| November 30, 2010

How was your Turkey Day? Since my family’s all the way on the West Coast, I got stuffed with some boy from Adam4Adam, and then he stuffed me. We didn’t even need to make the gravy – just used the natural kind in all its gooey goodness!

Gay Porn Star Supreme aka Castro: Can You Take It?

| November 18, 2010

Tweet Hey Pornfuckers, Gay porn star Supreme aka Castro has entered my world with a big bang. New Thug City Part 1: Supreme’s Return is the latest release from Pitbull Productions, the top-selling thugporn line in the world. How to describe this Supreme guy’s cock? It’s bigger than big. It’s huge. I mean enormous. MASSIVELY […]

Used and Abused: Sucking Monster Cocks

| November 16, 2010

Tweet If you like latin studs and blowjobs as much as I do, you’re going to LOVE Used & Abused: Sucking Monster Cocks. The hot cast is full of sexy latin boys who knows how to use their lips and tongues to bring every phallus they touch to fruition. Just watching the deep sucking action […]

Paul Mekas | The New Big Dick on the Block

| November 13, 2010

TweetBel Ami has a new kid on the block, and this one is especially delicious, even by Bel Ami standards. Enter: Paul Mekas As models retire or move on from gay porn, the guys at Bel Ami are constantly courting new boys to become new staples within their repertoire. Some models stand out more than […]

More Cock #13

| November 12, 2010

TweetIt’s Friday! Mr Morecock here, wishing you a fantastic weekend. Start this weekend off the right way— More Cock #13: More cock after the jump!

Take My Cock Trent Diesel

| November 11, 2010

If you’re into hot, all-American guys as much as I am, you’ll love the utter hotness that is Trent Diesel. This badboy sports a hot sculpted body, sexy tattoos and an ass that screams “fuck me” louder than a piggy bottom getting fisted for the first time – which is pretty loud.

XTube’s Maverick Men | On The Rise!

| November 10, 2010

Tweet My porn tastes change like the weather. Sometimes I’m into watersports, other times it’s hairy studs, and sometimes straight porn is what gets my dick off. Lately, I’ve been in the mood for amateur XTube videos— y’know, regular guys fuckin’ each other like crazy at home. No cheezy porn plots, no overdone production, no […]

Joey Angel is a Bareback Angel

| November 9, 2010

Tweet Have you checked out cutie/hottie/dirtyboy/sexyfuck Joey Angel? He’s a hot athletic stud with a penchant for sex and a fondness for barebacking. With his pretty pink cock and his edgy tattoos, he’s the star of Studmall’s Bareback Angel, a movie that’s a sure-pleaser for all fans of raw pursuits. Watch Bareback Angel to see […]

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