Eurocreme’s Cape Town Cock Cruiser’s

| November 30, 2009

TweetHey Pornsters, Eurocreme, known for it’s European twink porn, broadens it’s cocks to include some South African flavor: Cape Town Cock Cruisers. Filmed entirely in and using an all South African cast, this collaboration between Eurocreme and Liberate Studios is a fresh addition to the Eurocreme line. Predecessors Rogered! and Insatiable (both Alphamale Media) are […]

Joe Gage’s: Dad Takes a Fishing Trip

| November 25, 2009

TweetHey Pornsters, So I don’t know if this was before your time– I’ll admit, it was before my time. But I should give a HAT TIP to Joe Gage. Those of you that aren’t familiar with him, he’s a legendary porn director who did many ground-breaking gay porn movies back in the 70’s. Well, he’s […]

Young Army Studs Doin’ the Outdoors Nasty

| November 23, 2009

TweetHey Pornsters, I was never good at math, so maybe you can help me with this equation: massive cocks + 3 european studs + fake porno army fatigues + outdoors sex = ???? One fucking hot scene from Club Eurocreme. Check it: Free trailer here. What does it for me is when the bid-dicked stud […]

More Cock # 5

| November 21, 2009

TweetHey Pornsters, Here’s more cock: More cock after the jump

Sebastian Gets Double Pentrated 3 times in one weekend! Free Trailer here!

| November 20, 2009

TweetHey Pornsters, Yes, you heard right. Sebastian gets double-stuffed three times in one weekend. Like a delicious Oreo cookie. The beautiful photography was done by my doctor (yes, in addition to checking my prostate, he also helps me shoot gay porn), and the video was directed by my boyfriend. Used & Abused: Sebastian’s Double Fuck […]

Bel Ami’s Dolph & Todd… takin’ tips from Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee?

| November 18, 2009

TweetHey Pornsters, Nothing beats having two models with a true dynamic in front of the camera. I’ll take genuine amateur porn rather than over-produced studio productions that hold no connection between the performers. That’s what makes porn truly sexy for me. And that’s why this scene from Bel Ami Online truly titillated my nether regions. […]

Ream His Straight Throat 9 – Satyr Films

| November 17, 2009

TweetHey Pornterds, Ream His Straight Throat 9 is now released and ready to be jacked-off to! Those of you that aren’t familiar with the studio Satyr Films, you’re in for a hardcore treat! It’s not for the faint of heart or the squeamish. And straight dudes beware, unless you want to be the recipient of […]

More Cock #4

| November 16, 2009

TweetHey Pornsters… More Cock after the jump

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